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River West Village Governing Council

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Lyn Trainer

A summer job in the Volunteer Services office at OHSU led Lyn Trainer to a career in nonprofits at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation and several professional associations. One of the first employees hired when Doernbecher resurrected its community-based fundraising activities after a 50-year hiatus, she was privileged to be part of the team that built the new hospital which opened in 1998.

Lyn was excited to “discover” Villages NW in 2015 as she was looking for a way to expand the options for older adults to retain their independence and autonomy. Her background with nonprofits drew her to volunteering with the “hub”. She joined the Villages NW Board of Directors in December 2015 where she serves as managing director, sharing day-to-day operations responsibilities with Dick Eyde. An active River West Villager, Lyn has participated on the coordinating team for the past year.

She also serves on the boards of the Oregon Chapter of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program, and Oswego Friends of Doernbecher.

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Frost Johnson

"I would like to begin by first stating that I am very concerned about how we as human beings are taking care of each other on a global level. The Village movement provides us as neighbors the opportunity to take care of each other at a very local level. While global solutions tend to overwhelm us, we can at least try to get a handle on things locally. For me, I guess it all goes back to the old adage 'Think globally, act locally'. River West Village is my local action.

"I am a retired higher-education professional and project manager. I have lived in the same house here in unincorporated Washington County just off Garden Home Road since 1994. Prior to that I was a resident of New Mexico. My wife and I recently celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. As we both move toward a total retirement, we are trying to envision the next phase of our lives. We see River West Village as being a part of that."

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Darl Kleinbach

Darl Eves Kleinbach grew up and went to college in Pennsylvania. After college she did a brief stint as teacher of French. However, by the age of 26 she had launched into her new career, agricultural price research. For 25 years, in many formats, she talked to farmers about how to improve their marketing skills. She was a member of the Oregon Wheat Grower’s League, the first woman public director of the Chicago Board of Trade, and the first woman member of the Oregon Wheat Commission. She also worked in China as advisor to the first commodity futures exchange in China. Darl completed her Masters in Public Administration in 1995. When she went to Pennsylvania to help her mother and aunt she found work as Executive Director of the Berwick Industrial Development Association. Darl’s retirement years have been spent enjoying grandchildren, travel to exotic destinations, and volunteering. Darl first heard of the village movement about 5 years ago and knew it was a perfect place for her energy. She has been active in the development and outreach for River West Village since its inception.

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Charlie Meyer

Charlie served as a City and County Manager for nearly 40 years in several local governments in New York, Minnesota, Virginia and Arizona. He was responsible for overseeing the full range of services that cities and counties provide as well as managing the people and finances to provide them. The experience solving community problems and capturing opportunities has helped him to understand the balance that is necessary to deliver programs that are informed by the people who will use them with the energy of volunteers and nonprofit organizations resources and the authority and resources of government agencies to produce sustainable and meaningful change in people's lives.

Now retired and recently moved to Portland, Charlie is seeking to use that experience to advance an important cause.

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Carl Petterson

Carl has been volunteering since he joined the Portland Jaycees soon out of college in 1962. Many things have since been attempted, most successfully, in those 55 years. After retiring 18 years ago he found even more time to volunteer. Volunteer projects during that time include being the curator at Pearson Air Museum, Vancouver WA, and being part of the maintenance crew for the Southern Pacific 4449 steam locomotive. His last retirement project began when he heard about the Village startup in SW Portland in 2015 and attended an information session at O’Connor’s with his wife Susie. During the last four years he has participated with hundreds of nice neighbors in co-founding River West Village.

Carl will be transitioning off the Council at the end of this year after performing admirably as Treasurer and Transportation Coordinator. His work ethic and passion for River West Village will be deeply missed.

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Kit Pierce

"My husband Jan and I have five children and fourteen grandchildren, all of whom live within four miles. We recognize our good fortune in having a supportive family as we age. I grew up in Ireland where aging at home was, and is, the norm. RWV enables our community to achieve that mission.

I've been volunteering for many years. Some of the more satisfying opportunities were:

Community Warehouse
The Warehouse collects good used furniture and household items which are then used to furnish apartments for those transitioning from homelessness, prison, abusive families, and other needy housing situations.
Two warehouses hold the furniture to serve clients. Each warehouse has a retail space where antiques and surplus items are sold to fund the services.
I did a variety of tasks: pricing merchandise, serving customers, helping with fundraisers, and general pitching in where needed.

Obama Campaign Organizing Fellow
For both Obama campaigns, I organized neighborhood groups to register voters, campaign door-to-door, and to operate an office. At different intervals I was responsible for Multnomah Village area, Columbia County, an area around Killingsworth, Grand Junction, Colorado, and a few places in Forth Worth, Texas. I met amazing dedicated people, especially young individuals working to make a difference and passionate about the cause.

Oregon Youth Soccer Association
I was president for four years. OYSA is an association of all youth community soccer clubs, referees, and coaches in Oregon. The mission is to provide for the needs players from kindergarten to college."
As I traveled around Oregon I got to know so many communities that come together to ensure excellent soccer opportunities for children. This takes countless volunteer hours, and dedication.
I oversaw a small office staff and, together with a small group of dedicated volunteers, we reorganized the state to more efficiently and effectively provide player and coach and referee training, and administrative support to the soccer clubs around the state.

Before Retirement I taught business classes at Tigard High School and coached Varsity soccer."

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Beth Williams

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"Hi! I’m Beth Godard Williams. I was born in Corvallis and grew up in the rural Milwaukie/Oak Grove area. After graduating Oregon State, we spent time in New Jersey and Germany (courtesy of the US Army) and in Iowa City. We raised our three daughters and enjoyed our teaching careers in Arizona. Hanging out by the pool, camping, boating, and fishing with family and friends featured strongly in our leisure-time activities. After retirement we split the year between AZ and OR, where many members of our extended family live, and now I’ve returned to Portland full time. Two daughters and their families live here in Portland and the third is in Atlanta – five grandchildren total.

I enjoy working with RWV because it gives me the opportunity to assist others and to contribute to my community. The social activities – coffees, mingles, events, walking, happy hours, and movies – give me many opportunities to get out and about and to make new friends. When I’m on my own, I enjoy reading and working in my yard".

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Thomas Kearns

Tom was born and raised in Downey, CA the youngest of seven children. He was educated in Catholic schools and in 1971 earned a degree in Architecture from the University of Notre Dame. In 1975 he was offered a job in Beaverton with a dimension stone contractor doing shop drawings for stone on commercial buildings and that is how he ended up here. He continued doing detailing for stone for his career retiring in 2016. He and Kathy were married in 1978 and lived in NE Portland for 29 years raising a daughter and son. They moved to Hillsdale in 2010. Both have been involved with volunteering with church and other non-profits. Tom is also currently involved with the Notre Dame alumni club in Portland serving on the board and sending out the monthly emailed newsletter and maintaining the club website. Tom enjoys working in the yard, maintaining the house, woodworking and photography, particularly Polaroid photography.

“Kathy and I liked the villages concept and joined both for the social opportunities and the volunteer service focus of the organization. If it takes a village to raise a child then it certainly takes one to help folks move on with the changing challenges of aging. We hope to face these issues with grace and courage. We feel the folks of the village will help us do that.”

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