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Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is a vibrant, inter-generational, interdependent, cooperative community in Southwest Portland that provides resources for village members.


Build and sustain non-profit organization that provides eligible members the opportunity to thrive by both giving and/or receiving services.


  • Inclusion – We respect and welcome all people over 18 years of age and honor their dignity and independence.
  • Volunteerism – Volunteers are the heart of our organization. We value & support volunteers' expertise and experiences, and their commitment of time, talent and energy.
  • Communication – We want all voices to be heard. We encourage members and volunteers to freely offer ideas and advice. We invite open and candid communication during all meetings and gatherings.
  • Privacy – We take seriously the privacy of our members and anyone who entrusts us with personal information. We do not share personal or contact information with any outside group. We protect the privacy of our members when interacting with vendors and service providers.
  • Collaboration – We collaborate on committees, projects, and with the community at large. We strive to build consensus so that our decisions and actions have wide support. We recognize that our success depends on mutual interdependence and a caring commitment to each other over time.
  • Transparency – We strive to be transparent in our organizational and financial reporting and responsive to questions and concerns.
  • Lasting Community – RWV is committed to serve its members for generations to come.